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Earn Up To $5k/mo by Finding Distressed Properties In Your Area For Us To Purchase.

Hi! Here at SELL TO US FAST LLC, we’re looking for people locally in their city (and surrounding areas) who can help us find properties that we can buy from homeowners who need to sell.

In exchange, we pay really nice “finders fees”… PLUS, as a bonus, you’ll get to learn our process of investing real estate in the process!

šŸš—šŸ’µ Who Is SELL TO US FAST LLC And What Is Our “Driving For Cash Property Finders Fee” Program? šŸš—šŸ’µ

Are you tired of the same old drive to work? What if your daily commute could earn you an extra $5k+ per month? Welcome to Driving for Cash, where your journey becomes a lucrative adventure!

Over the years we’ve developed a great system for helping those homeowners in distress out of that situation through our Property Buyer Program.

This is where we need your help (and how you can earn up to $5k per monthif you hustle) findingĀ properties that fit what we’re looking for here in your area and other surrounding areas… and sending them our way in our Property Finders Cash Incentive Program (some people call it a “Driving For Dollars” we call it “Driving For Cash” ;)P

How Our Property Finders Cash Incentive Program Works

It’s much simpler than you think.

  1. You find properties that fit our simple buying criteria.
  2. Send them to us (through our app).
  3. If we end up buying the house, we’ll pay you on a sliding scale of $500 – $1,500 “finders fee” within 7 days!

Do you have a neighbor, friend, or family memberĀ who is in financial troubleĀ and needs to sell?

Are you in College and need extra income let’s say about 5k+ per month?

Are driving around for work anyways and other commutes throughout the day?

Is thereĀ a vacant house at the end of the street that you drive by all the time?

Join our Property Finders Program below and send us the details… we’ll take it from there.

Once you submit a property to us (with basic info)… we then dive in and do the research, connect with the seller, and see if we can strike a deal. We process all of the paperwork and do all of the work… you just get a finders fee check once we close for telling us about that property.

This is something you can do in your spare time for some extra money…

… on the way home from work, in your everyday life… when you find a property that fits what we’re looking for, write it down and submit it. Ā Plus you’ll be learning about real estate investing in the process!

If you’re interested in joining our Driving For Cash program, just fill out the form below to join free.Ā 

So How Do I Know What Types Of Properties To Look For?

After you join our Property Finders Program (for FREE on this site) we’ll train you on exactly what to look for and how to submit the properties to us.

  • The 17 places to look for properties
  • The 3 main criteria we look for on whether a property may be a great deal for us or not
  • The steps that our most successful property Finders are doing to earn great extra money in their spare time
  • … and more.

And you can start as soon as tonight if you want to.

Join Our Local “Property Finders Cash Incentive” Program FREE Below!